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How Modi-hatred is a Facade for Hinduphobia!

Modi hate message using fused Aum and Swastika

  Ideologically fanatic people are fueled by hatred.  There is no constructive criticism.  Rather its all just one ad-hominem attack after another.  Take the case of many anti-Obama folks.  The racists in US have said some of most horrendous things about their President and the First lady.  For example, Mayor of a Spokane suburb, Patrick Rushing, said this about the ...

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Modi thrashes the lies on Land Bill directly in front of the farmers!


There is nothing better than addressing the farmers directly.  So many lies have been spread about the land bill, that it is important the government directly goes to the farmers and addresses the issues.  And who better than Narendra Modi himself?  Here in this speech he went on to address the needs of the farmers and address them clearly.  

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