Xenophobic Apologist Atishi Marlena of AAP disregards a pluralistic cosmopolitan culture #SomnathBharti

This is a very interesting discussion on Somnath Bharti’s racial attacks on the Ugandan woman in Delhi.

Despite overwhelming evidence prima facie of Bharti’s racism and sexism, as also criminal activity, the AAP spokesperson, Atishi Marlena – a Marxist – keeps on with her party line about how police didn’t listen to the residents.  Ironically, Aastha Chauhan – who has been on the ground in Khirki Extension working with the local African residents – clearly enunciates how so many African bars, restaurants and businesses were closed by Police on local complaints.  Those closures, many Africans would argue, would itself be illegal.  Admittedly, not as per the local traditions, but surely not illegal.  If all that made the local residents uncomfortable, then there had to be a way out.  And, that way is dialog.  Which is what Aastha was doing.

But Atishi of AAP would have none of it.  For her, it is their way or the highway!  “Our India residents” complained and “the damn” police didn’t act, so the “prostitutes and drug peddlers” that Africans are, should have been taken in and groped and cavity searched and treated inhumanely.

I live in US.  Have for many years.  Many of our customs are very different from the locals.  In fact, in many “Indian” areas, the restaurants aren’t the cleanest.  So, does that mean that a group of Rednecks will one day jump into a police car, drive over and start beating us up?

That is what this lady is promoting.

And, in face of Kavita Krishnan’s excellent line of questioning – even if they were Sex Workers, Sex Workers aren’t criminals – Atishi is just not willing to listen or introspect!



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