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Why AAP’s “Anti-Corruption” Agenda is an Eye-wash

When the first papers came in the hands of a few, including Dr. Subramanian Swamy, as A Raja’s secretary came over to his house one night to share with him; he was clear that something big was going on.  When he poured over the papers, he understood the magnitude as well immense threat to India’s national security because of the summary actions taken by the Telecom Ministry to hand over the license to the two beneficiaries.   He had a choice of coming out with it in the media or go to the courts, despite the heavy odds, and use his immense knowledge of laws to prosecute the guilty.  He did that latter.  Result:  A. Raja was indicted and is behind the bars.

Dr. Swamy, however, worked very hard to get P. Chidambaram behind the bars as well, because he was as guilty, but hasn’t succeeded.  There are wins and there are losses in the path of action against corruption.  But at the very least, action was taken and things haven’t been the same as they were planned to be.  When the license had been sold to Etisalat (Front company of Dawood Ibrahim) and Telenor (company linked to Chinese Govt); the Supreme Court cancelled the licenses to these two companies.  Check out the video at the end of this post with the story by Dr. Subramanian Swamy of how he got the papers of 2G and how he went about demolishing the handiwork of Raja/Chidambaram/Manmohan Singh combine.

Robert Vadra case and AAP

Let us look at two videos.  First one is of the Press conference where Arvind Kejriwal and Prashant Bhushan made the expose’ on Robert Vadra.  They distributed all the papers from Registrar of Companies of how Vadra’s wealth grew from Rs 50 lakhs to over Rs 300 crores within a matter of a few years.  Given that these are publicly filed and available documents and having such glaring information easily available, it is in many ways an “Open and Shut case”.  Far more easy to litigate than the 2G scam, where the losses were – in many people’s views – “Notional”.

Second is a discussion that the then IBN Hindi Anchor, and now AAP Leader, Ashutosh has with his panelists. Here listen to what Dr. Swamy has to say. As we know from his history, it is based on his personal experience of courts and law.

One thing to notice in the above video is what Dr. Swamy is advising the AAP representative to do.

“My heart beats for Fight against Corruption”

The entire cacophony of Aam Aadmi Party since they were formed has been with one Central sound byte: “Fight Against Corruption”.  It is as if that is what they live, breathe, walk, drink, wear, and shit.  Nothing but action against corruption.

But, think of it – if indeed taking ACTION – not rhetorical theatrics – but ACTION…. Solid ACTION against corruption is your intrinsic Mojo, then what will you do with the papers on Robert Vadra?  Specially, if you are Prashant Bhushan (one of the top lawyers in the nation)?

NOTHING is the right answer!

Wait, did I hear – “He did a press conference and exposed Vadra.. something that nobody had done”.   Any of the readers want to point that out to me?

Applause for them please.  Seriously!

And, lets humor them further and ask them.  SO WHAT?!!!

In the end, what is the result?  No indictments.  No case.  No media attention after your 15 minutes of fame.  And, by now, thanks to your “Media Trial” but no legal action, Vadra and DLF would have amended and changed all the documents and gotten away with murder before any Government does anything.

Well, if things had remained just this far one could still pardon Prashant Bhushan and Arvind Kejriwal as Attention Seeking Jokers.  But unfortunately they are worse.  Because, now they ARE the Delhi Government.  And, the Anti-Corruption Branch is under them!  Per the announcements of Bhushan in the first video above, at least two of the large deals were done WITHIN New Delhi – in Saket and in Greater Kailash.

Surely, if your heart DID indeed beat for Action against Corruption, as the story goes on ad nauseum, then – as even Ashutosh keeps asking with the confused expression – WHY DIDN’T THE AAP people file a case in the court?  Or at the very least send the papers that were presented in the media then, to the Anti-Corruption branch to actually take action – even if only for the Delhi deals?!

The answer from Arvind Kejriwal perhaps is (to borrow from his current sentiment on state agencies) – “Courts are totally corrupt”.

Just as Somnath Bharti and Arvind Kejriwal would have us believe about the Delhi Police.

But as Dr. Swamy demonstrated of Indian Courts, that is, in plain terms COMPLETE BULL SHIT!

As for tirade against the Police?  We will get to that shortly as well.

Someone intelligent once told me – If you want to stand.. STAND.  If you want to sit… SIT.  If you want to walk.. WALK!  Don’t swagger!

So, Kejriwals and Bhushans and others, if you want to walk…. WALK!  Don’t Swagger.. with the air of self  aggrandizement.  Proof of what your heart beats for is not in the media trials and tamasha SANS any impact on corruption, but in ACTUAL RESULTS.

If Prashant Bhushan or Somnath Bharti do not know how to fight a case to win, think of sending them for some internship to Dr. Swamy.  It may do you and the country – and of course the African women – some good.  All the best.  With your next “heart-felt” drama.


Arvind Kejriwal cartoon courtesy: Indian Caricature.

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