Goons of Shajahan Sheikh, TMC attack poor Adivasi Hindus in District North 24 Parganas, Basirhat Sub Division

Terror has been unleashed by the Trinamool Congress goons throughout the elections.  There have been reports all through the elections on how the TMC goons have subjugated the electorate to not vote BJP.  They have beaten people up, threatened riots, and even molested women.  As the video explains, it has been done as a matter of policy by the TMC against the BJP!

In one Adivasi village, however, men and women, timid and weak albeit, decided to vote for BJP.  The very next day a reign of terror was unleashed by the TMC goons.  Tapan Ghosh, Founder and Chief of Hindu Samhati, working to save the women and poor people from a life of terror and molestation, sends an update from the ground.  Here is the update:
Post poll atrocity on Adivasi Hindus – District North 24 Parganas, Basirhat Sub Division, Sandeshkhali Block.

In the morning of 13th May, the very next day after polling, at about 11 am, a TMC biker gang of about 50 motorbikes entered the village Golbunia adivasi para. Riding on those motorbikes came more than a hundred goons of TMC led by Shoaib Khan and Karim Sheikh. Villagers told me that those goons were sent by Shajahan Sheikh, TMC Panchayat upa-pradhan. The goons carried sticks, iron rods, choppers, pistols and guns. Entering the village they started attacking the villagers, whoever they got their hands on they beat up mercilessly. All this for their fault of voting BJP. The goons started abusing the village women in filthiest of language. When the Adivasi women protested, they were mercilessly beaten up. Their clothes and blouses were torn, and they were severely molested by the goons. This mayhem continued for about one hour. The Police were informed. But Sandeshkhali PS is allegedly under the thumb of Shajahan Sheikh, former CPM now TMC leader. So, as usual, police did not come. The goons threatened the villagers that they will have to face more attacks if they dare to complain to the police.

In this attack, dozens of women and men sustained serious injuries. Some people took them to nearby Rajbari rural hospital. Villagers present there reported that a phone call from Shajahan Sheikh was made to the hospital doctor and he was ordered to write ‘normal’ in the prescriptions of the injured persons. Condition of one woman, Smt. Bindebala Sardar (34 yr), wife of Khokon Ch. Sardar was very serious. She got repeatedly hit by an iron rod on her chest. Hence, doctors transferred her to Basirhat Sub divisional hospital. All other seriously injured persons were forcibly released after giving them negligible primary treatment and with normal medical reports.

The injured persons are : (1) Sitabala Sardar, w/o Biren, (2) Sulata Sardar, w/o Deben, (3) Bindubala Sardar, w/o Sukumar, (4) Surabala Sardar, w/o Jangli, (4) Anil Sardar, (5) Ashim Sardar.
Smt. Bindebala Sardar is still fighting for her life in Basirhat hospital.
Till now, the night of 15/5/2014, the adivasi people of Golbunia village could not gather enough courage to go to Sandeshkhali police station and lodge a FIR.

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