How Congress’ “Anti Communal” head in UP is looking for Hindu blood post elections

As the Elections in India come to an end, and the crescendo on the “Communalism vs Secularism” rises from the well known quarters, it is important to put the whole debate around this in perspective.

There is a guy named Amaresh Misra.  Wikipedia describes him as:

Amaresh Misra, is a writer, author and historian.[1] He is convener of the Anti Communal Front in Uttar Pradesh state for Indian National Congress.[2] He was a student leader of the radical Left CPI-ML (Liberation) party inAllahabad University.[3]

He also has some awards.  One of them is:

The Urdu Press Club of India awarded Amaresh with the Jasarat Award in 2007.[4]

Now, before we move ahead, one person named Giriraj Singh, who was a minister in Nitish Kumar’s cabinet, but now with BJP had suggested that those who don’t vote for Modi should go to Pakistan.  He obviously was hauled up and mauled by the media.  He was a virtual nobody in BJP.  Everyone has heard of him.  Every media person has put the question regarding that utterance to Modi in almost all the interviews.

This guy is the convener of Anti-Communal office of the Congress.  He should be talking for Secularism and against Communalism.  Have you heard him?  No?  Huh?!  He has many “Claims to Fame”.  One is that his Twitter account has been suspended.  You would ask why?  Well, here are a few glimpses of what he says:
















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