“Secular” and Islamic forces planning to unleash unprecedented violence post results to undermine Modi victory

Given the extreme drubbing that Congress and its allies, they are still trying to get to the power by hook or crook.  And probably being helped by external forces.

Rahul Gandhi had made a threat during his campaign of 22,000 people dying “if Modi comes to power”. Rahul Gandhi’s ominous threat that “22,000 people will be killed, if BJP comes to power” should not be taken lightly.

Here are 3 recent dots that fit Rahul’s suggested pattern to destablise/defame the BJP government (similar to how the Godhra Train Massacre was carried out by a Congress-led Muslim mob during the early tenure of NaMo’s government with a clear view to destabilise/defame the BJP).

1) March 29, 2014: Assam:- 2 Bodo girls (Jayashree Mushahary and her friend) brutally gangraped, killed by 14 Bangladeshi Muslims at Boldi village near Amguri in Chirang district (BTAD) leading to Bodo retaliation in April/May.

2) May 10, 2014: Meerut:- 18-year old Shubam Rastogi shot dead, 12 injured by armed Muslim mob emerging from a mosque, which coveted a nearby well/water-source (“piyau”) located between a school, Hindu temple and a Jain temple in Guzri Bazar.

3) May 14, 2014: Hyderabad:- 3 killed after Muslims burn down sacred Sikh flag (Nishan Sahib) outside a Gurudwara in Sikh Chavni/Kishanbagh area (4 km from Charminar) in the Muslim-infested Old City.

Also, Madhu Kishwar – the journalist – is getting information from her friends on how Muslims are getting messages that are downright scary.  Madhu Kishwar shared the following.

It seems Madam Sonia is not willing to accept the likely poll defeat. Muslim friends have told me that Congressis and their Leftist allies are spreading rumours. Here is a sample of some of the messages received from anonymous persons in their mailbox:

1) “Sanghis are planning to kill 25,000 Muslims, rape women, kill babies. Modi will personally supervise this! Please be prepared!”

2) “Modi is a fascist. Does not believe in democracy, secularism or nationalism. He will tamper with counting on 16th May. We cannot allow that!”

3) “Muslims of Muzzafarnagar, Meerut, Saharanpur prepare for resistance. Secular Hindus will help you when Sanghi goondas come baying for blood.”

While none in the BJP has talked the language of bloodshed, Congress Party and its allies have sung only one song for years—there will be bloodshed if Modi comes to power. During the current election campaign, Rahul Gandhi went so far as to say 22,000 Muslims would be massacred if Modi becomes prime minister. Andhra Pradesh under Congress rule has already led the way. Its capital city has witnessed riots today. At least two persons are, reportedly, already dead.

Does it not indicate full-scale preparation to unleash mayhem and trigger communal riots? Just as the British took revenge on Indians by unleashing unprecedented massacres and engineering the Partition of India as punishment for ending colonial rule, is Sonia Congress likewise determined to unleash mayhem in India if she is thrown out of power?

They have tasted blood too many times. If by instigating the Godhra train carnage Congress could trigger widespread communal riots to bring down the Vajpayee government and pillory Modi for 12 long years, imagine the havoc Congress Party can cause if it engineers a nationwide bloodbath.

And the scary part is that this may not be just a “prank”, but a concerted effort by multiple forces to unleash violence at the level of what happened during Partition.  Check the following poster below.






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