Smriti Irani beats back Abusive, Rude and Misogynist tirade of Anjana Kashyap and Ashok Singhal in DU Show

When one looks at how the Indian media handles its discourse it is fairly obvious to an independent observer that majority of the anchors are ill informed, ideologically biased and even prejudiced (some like Kumar Ketkar openly claim they are Congress supporters) and shallow.

But this interaction showed another side of the anchors.  Mind you, these are the top ones from one of the top news channel in India.  You can see the anchors getting personal, and even abusive to the Lady Minister – Smriti Irani.  In fact, they are decidedly rude, abrasive and abusive towards the audience who want to ask someone.

Kudos of course to Mrs. Smriti Irani who takes the battle to their turf and beats them down hollow.  And nothing exemplifies this than the way she handles the very misogynist question from the anchor Ashok Singhal.  He asks her – since you lost your elections and are from Rajya Sabha and have so many “controversies” around you, what did the PM see in you to make you such an important Minister?  The Minister very deftly asks the women to look into the question and the obvious insinuation in that.. which only a woman can understand.  The obvious question that SInghal was asking on sly was “Did you sleep to get where you did?”  But alas, he is lowly enough to ask sly questions and not open enough to say what he wanted to say in the first place.

When confronted by Mrs. Irani, who asked her if he would ever ask such a question from a male Minister, he said – “the reason I asked was because you lost the elections…. and you have controversies…”  Let us look into these two points squarely.

Smriti Irani beats back Obnoxious and Misogynist tirade of @anjanaomkashyap and Ashok Singhal in DU… Click To Tweet

One, the previous PM, Dr. Manmohan Singh had NEVER won any elections in his life!  Yet he was one of the longest serving Head of Ministers – the PM and a long serving Finance Minister!  Who asked him this question of being a Minister .. and a PM without ever having won an elections?!  So, Mrs. Irani is correct – he is a sly, misogynist idiot who is trying to double up as an anchor.

Second, all the “controversies” brought up by the anchors were squarely and unambiguously anwered by the minister.  Interestingly, none of the anchors had done any homework and were merely repeating the rhetorical remarks of a failed and low-IQ opposition leader, Rahul Gandhi – as the only substantive “proof” of something being a “controversy”.  Their argument?  If the opposition leader has levied this charge on you, you need to answer.  So, is media now a postman?  Do they have any journalistic ethics and work left or they are merely mouthpieces for some “throw-the-mud” politician?  A real journalist with an iota of IQ would have done some digging and already made a report on that!  But this channel apparently prides itself as a mouth-piece of the Congress party!  That was very obvious at the end.

The lowest mark – Rude and Insulting Anjana Kashyap:  Nothing prepared me for what between 5:30 to 6:30 on part 2.  A lady in the audience wants to ask a question, after one guy on the stage has just asked on from Mrs. Irani and she completed the answer.  Mrs. Irani requests a mic to be given to the lady.  When no one gives – on the cue from Anjana Kashyap – Smriti Irani asks the guy who was on stage to go and give her the mic as he walks off the stage.  Now, something absolutely rude and inexplicable happens.  An infuriated Anjana Kashyap fumes and rushes over to Smriti Irani’s side and grabs Smriti’s own mic which she had given to the guy from audience to pass on to the lady who was not been given a mic and slams it in front of Smriti herself!!  Seeing this rather insulting behavior of Anjana, Smriti Irani does something truly remarkable!  She picks the mic herself and walks off the stage to the lady and gives her the mic.  Now, Anjana comes rushing down.  When she cannot block the minister or the lady in the audience, she tries to take Mrs. Irani away.  Smriti Irani, however, stands her ground and keeps answering the lady’s question.

And, this was before the misogynist remarks from Ashok Singhal!

Now, people have called the media’s work as “Gutter Journalism”.  Watching this program, with the tone, aggression and way of asking questions to a lady minister – I feel she would be better off being asked questions by lowly goons.  Because Anjana Kashyap and Ashok Singhal are worse than that!  Truly abusive and shameful… had they been in any self-respecting media in any other country, they would have been kicked out even before they could have reported on weather!

Now, watch.

Part 1:


Part 2: 

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