Harsimrat Kaur Badal tears into Rahul Gandhi’s Amethi Food Park lie


The entire food park controversy that Rahul Gandhi has come up with is – again – a bunch of baloney from the biggest fool of Indian politics – Rahul Gandhi.  This guy shoots and sprays and hopes that things will stick on others. After he had come up with his twisted facts, the Akali Dal MP Harsimrat Kaur Badal tore ...

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“Yeda”, “Napunsak”: Congress polishes its gutter lingo for elections


Congress is literally at its wits end.  It cannot fight the other parties and is facing complete annihilation.  So its turning to verbal insults and ugly jibes. First it was Mani Shankar Aiyar with his now infamous jibe at Modi for his humble beginnings, which the latter turned into an amazing campaign to connect with common people. Now Sushil Kumar Shinde and Salman Khurshid have ...

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Lt. Col. Purohit questions Congress’ Muslim oriented policy on undertrials; and Truth on Purohit (Video)


Secularism in India is a bastardized concept.  Actually, Secularism is another word for Appeasement of Muslims in various ways.  Mind you, not all the Minorities.  Primarily Muslims and Christians. Lt. Col Purohit was arrested over five years ago.  Till date, even though his case was taken over by the National Investigation Agency (NIA), not a single charge sheet has been filed ...

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Congress using Intelligence Bureau to identify Defections to BJP!


As the elections come near, defections from the losers to the potential winners is happening.  All the roads seem to be leading to BJP for now.  And people are moving towards Modi in droves.  So what does Congress do?  It is using all the tricks in its pocket to stop this from happening!  It is now using Intelligence Bureau for ...

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BJP States have lower unemployment vs Congress ruled states


The new numbers on unemployment in the different states give an interesting picture.  If you live in a BJP ruled states, your chances of employment go up versus if you were to be living in a Congress ruled state. Here are the details. Fact 1. The ratio of employed persons from that age group is declining, as a measure called age-specific ...

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Priyanka gets Bahuguna thrown out: Do Gandhis run a parallel state?

Priyanka Gandhi smart

I am sure the Congress supporters will twist this story to eulogize the “goodness” of the Gandhis, but it scares the heck out of one who wants to see this country have a proper system.  It seems that there is a parallel state running in the country with the Gandhis, who are not even in the administration,  calling the shots ...

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How Nehru blackmailed Gandhi to become PM candidate overruling Patel’s election (Shocking!)


When asked why Rahul Gandhi’s name was not announced as the PM candidate, alluding that it didn’t happen because he was afraid. Rahul Gandhi has brought up the concept of democracy in the process of selecting the Prime Ministerial candidate. Well, his Grand-grandfather Jawaharlal Nehru had become the Prime Ministerial candidate DESPITE all the Congress Working Committees electing Sardar Patel ...

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Congress blatantly copies Modi’s Slogan and launches campaign for its Pappu


These days Congress just cannot get anything right.  Not even its ads.  Here is one where it is clearly coping even its slogan from Narendra Modi’s campaign!  And the guy at the center of the new ad campaign?  The Congress “pappu” – Rahul Gandhi, who has been thoroughly discredited on every front.  This is one front where he didn’t have ...

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An unidentified (not hotel employee) man brought food to Sunanda that evening


It has been now brought out that some unidentified person visited Sunanda Pushkar’s room to give her food.  Apart from that, instead of being normal, she was in a terrible state where she had been drinking and smoking and not eating anything really. Sunanda Pushkar, who was Tharoor’s third wife, had just returned from Kerala where she was diagnosed with ...

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Sunanda Pushkar was arguing on Twitter about Mehr and Shashi before she died


This tweet was written by Sunanda, while her body was recovered at 8 pm.  As a twitter user says, “her last laugh”? LIterally and figuratively?!   @SudhirShivhare @rahulkanwal @MehrTarar @sureshnakhua LOL that would Never happen — SunandaPTharoor (@sptvrock) January 17, 2014 She was having constant arguments on twitter about Mehr Tarar before she died. @Robi_salve @rahulkanwal @MehrTarar @ShashiTharoor lol why ...

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Breaking News: Sunanda Pushkar found dead (suicide?) at Leela in Delhi!

sunanda pushkar photos

Sunanda Pushkar has been found dead! Sunanda Pushkar, Shashi Tharoor’s wife, who had recently hacked into her husband’s twitter account, and accused him of having an affair with Pakistani journalist, Mehr Tarar, has been found dead in the Leela Hotel in Delhi. Pushkar’s body was found in room number 345 of Leela Hotel.  Perhaps has committed suicide.  ALthough questions are being raised ...

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RK Singh accuses Shinde of Treason; Journalists engage in Juvenile Hypothesizing

Sushil Kumar Shinde

This news item shows the rot in our system. In this case, the allegations that an ex-Home Secretary – THE most important person from India’s Security standpoint – makes very serious allegations against his boss, the Home Minister.  The allegations are not just any other allegations – but of TREASON! When the Home Minister (or Interior Minister, in other countries) ...

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Shinde’s Shameful Secularism: Let Muslim Criminals out; Keep the rest in jail!


Sushil kumar Shinde is a fanatic and rabid Vote bank politician.  In past, in order to appease the Muslims, Shinde has done several things to do things that are biased towards the Muslims.  And, now he has sent advisory to the States to favorably consider cases regarding Muslims. BJP is taking up cudgels against this decidedly unparliamentary and unconstitutional action by the Indian Home Minister, ...

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दिल्ली ,मीडिया और राष्ट्रीय राजनैतिक परिवेश


पिछला एक महीना राजनैतिक सरगर्मियों से भरपूर रहा । चार राज्यों में चुनाव हुए। तीन में बीजेपी भारी बहुमत से विजयी हुई, राष्ट्रीय राजधानी में आम आदमी पार्टी (आप ) ने इतिहास रचते हुए सरकार बनायी । पहली कोशिश में IIT , U.P.S.C. और मुख्यमंत्री की कुर्सी निकलने वाले केजरीवाल साहिब है तो किस्मत के धनी । चुनाव से पहले ...

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Arun Shourie on his son and wife, and insights into Vajpayee vs Gandhi and Dr. Singh Governments


Here is a two part interview with Arun Shourie, which includes questions from his sister and his protege’ Shekhar Gupta from Indian Express.  In his answers, he paints an interesting picture of BJP under Vajpayee, Vajpayee in specific, and Congress under Rajiv Gandhi.  The difference between the way Vajpayee and Rajiv Gandhi worked and dealt with issues was very stark.  One was incorruptible and ...

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