Sangma woos MamataDi, but she keeps her cards close to her chest


Mamata Bannerjee and P. A Sangma had a 30-minute meeting at the state secretariat, Writers’ Building in Kolkatta, where Sangma asked for support from “Mamatadi”. When Sangma had left Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) in 2004, he had merged his faction with Trinamool Congress. And he is bringing that incident up to appeal to the Bengali lady. Sangma even addressed the ...

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Pranab Mukherjee readies to become another Partisan President of India

“I am still a Congressman”, says Pranab Mukherjee as he readies to get into Rashtrapati Bhawan.  Shouldn’t the President of India be non-partisan?  That was one of the main characteristics of the President, who would have to make decisions for the country and sometimes against the ruling party.  Remember Emergency and Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed and how President let the country ...

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