Sagarika Ghose starts questioning “Modi-Obsessed” Secularism


Secularism in India has been utterly and fully discredited.  It has over the years become a crony-concept which doubles up as Pro-Islamism.   However, the media has continued to drum up the Secular vs Communal bytes every now and then.   A few JOurnalists are now questioning Secularism – and calling it a “failed Secular project”.   Suffering of Muzaffarnagar victims is ...

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“Hindus were hunted in every village, shot and bludgeoned to death” – 1971 Genocide by Pak in Bangladesh and the Denial Industry


Recently, Dr. Sarmila Bose, grand niece of Subhash Chandra Bose, wrote a book called Dead Reckoning, where she forwarded the Pakistani denial of the Genocide in Bengal.  This genocide has recently been in news due to the trial and execution of Abdul Quader Mollah, a leader of Jamaat-e-Islami, Bangladesh’s leading Islamic party because he conspired and worked with the Pakistani Army to rape and kill ...

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Section 377: There is nothing to celebrate or denounce homosexuality, it just is


A big debate has started in India due to the Supreme Court decision banning Same Sex under Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code.  This law was brought in 1861 during  British rule of India, criminalises sexual activities “against the order of nature”, including homosexual acts.  The Victorian code of that the British law was based off of has been inspired in its ...

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Why Arvind Kejriwal should form the Government with BJP


Ideology is the greatest weapon of all revolutions.  It also ends up becoming their greatest downfall. People who start revolutions create hardline stances and once they have created them, their stances define them thereafter.  Once these ideologues (erstwhile revolutionaries) are in power, then establishing the primacy of their ideology is the main agenda.  From Lenin to Mao to Jinnah. The ...

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AK Anthony’s Volte Face on attack by Pak Army in Poonch; Just Talk no Action


Indian Defense Minister, AK Anthony, has made a volte face because of the opposition’s and public pressure on his earlier statement, where he blamed “20 heavily armed terrorists along with persons dressed in Pakistan Army uniforms” for the “brutal and unprovoked attack” on the Indian patrol. Now, Anthony has aligned his statement with the information available on the ground with the Indian ...

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BJP cannot throw out its own values to uphold those of others in NDA for long

Continuing from last week’s Opinion piece, we will go into Nitish Kumar’s stance and motivations a bit more. Like we discussed last week, in a group called NDA where BJP is the bigger constituent, it is not democratic for the smaller constituents to want overwhelmingly more share of the who direction. Another point, if BJP’s core election agenda is nullified ...

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Calling Nitish Kumar’s PM Qualification Bluff on Modi


Nitish Kumar, the Bihar Chief Minister is trying to be vaguely but surely disruptive in the NDA front. He has unilaterally announced the “qualifications” of the Prime Ministerial candidate from NDA. They are: The NDA should have a leader who can feel for the underdeveloped states like Bihar. It should not be someone who can develop developed states, but who ...

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